~ Why do I need to put in my credit/debit card when booking?

I require a card to reduce no call/no shows.  MY SYSTEM DOES NOT CHARGE YOUR CARD UNLESS YOU NO SHOW/NO CALL and or are a late arrival past the 15 minute mark.

~ May I bring my  child to your studio and have them wait during my appointment?

I ask that you leave your children at home with a loved one.  I do not have a secure lobby or reception area. 

~ Should I remove my mascara before the lash lift appointment? 

Yes! This ensures the lift will take.  Mascara, especially waterproof leaves a residue and the lift will not work. If you come in with mascara on for me to remove, I may cancel the service before we begin. Waterproof or not, the residue left behind interferes with my solution and the lash lift will not take. 

~ Do you do facials for teens?

No, I do not perform teen facials

~ I don't know which service to choose! Help

When you are booking, pick The Brash Facial if you don't know which service to select.

~ Should I wash my face before coming in?

No need to.  Let me cleanse your skin, as it is part of every facial, microderm, dermaplane, and chemical peel.

~ I'll be going to on vacation to Arizona tomorrow where it is 99 degrees out and the pool is waiting for me.  Should I get a dermaplane today, microderm, or a chemical peel?

No, as your skin will be highly susceptible to the sun  after any of these services.  

~ My skin is sensitive to everything.  I use Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Cetaphil,  and sometimes  Aveeno.  Will your product make my skin break out? Everything makes my skin break out. 

No, the product I use isn't full of preservatives and fragrance.  Two ingredients your skin does not need.  Your skin is being made sensitive by drug store products with preservatives pumped in to them to maintain shelf life. 

- Why should I have a treatment done more than once a year?

We should be taking care of our largest organ just as much as we take care of tuning up our car.  Coming for treatments is the best way to receive the care and education needed to help guide you down the right path to happy healthy skin.

~ Will I break out after a facial or advanced service?


The short answer is yes, it is possible.  Our skin is constantly going through cycles of hormones, stress, environmental changes, sleep patterns and on and on.  A facial treatment in any form may bring a breakout or purge.  This is normal.  


Who is this lady?

This is my Mom, Judy.  Mom moved to Ballard from Spokane at the age of 17.  This picture is taken in 1968 when she worked for the telephone company in downtown Seattle.  I love this picture of her.  My Mom was my biggest supporter. I carry her humor, heart, and nature in my every day life, especially while practicing esthetics.